Men have special needs which are often ignored or not discussed. Men may not recognize their own internal feelings, especially sadness or inadequacy, which can lead to problems such as inappropriate expressions of anger, detachment or withdrawal from family, infidelity and substance abuse. Men who grew up in abusive families, or who experienced divorcing or alcoholic parents, may find it difficult to trust, or to be intimate. Therapy can teach you to understand the why of your behavior, and show you how to change it.


Ages 25-40: The years between 25 and 40 may be the time when women make the most significant decisions of their lives. Career, relationships, having children—these have potential to bring the greatest joy and pleasure to you, but if things aren’t going right, can also bring about undue stress, fear, and even depression. If you are continually losing sleep from worry, constantly on edge, feeling at a dead end, or just plain confused, talking with a professional may be just what you need to sort things out and get back on track.

The Mid-Life Years: Many women in mid-life are dealing with “role overload:” mother, wife, employee, volunteer, and all too often, caregiver to an aging parent.  We can’t always have it all or do it all, and the stress of trying to be all things to all people can bring about relationship problems, physical complaints, anxiety disorders and depression.

Mid-life is also a time of major change.  When children leave home, sometimes marital problems that have been ignored suddenly become more prevalent. Or you have neglected your own growth and development and are wondering, now what? When we reach our fifties, the possibilities in life may look less varied and interesting–yet, we may have 30 years or more left to pursue new careers or interests!  How do we make the right choices for the second half of our lives? A compassionate and wise therapist can help at this time of life.